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Favorite Recipes of the Master Brewers: Kennett Ale

Andy Tveekrem. Market Garden Brewery, Cleveland, OH, U.S.A.

Historical beers are great fun to research and allow for creative interpretation along the way. An old and largely forgotten beer style called Kennett ale (or Reading ale, depending on the source literature) was originally brewed in southwest England, and it came over to the eastern United States with English settlers. Knowledge about it was swept away in the later 19th century in the United States by the sea of lager beer being made by central European immigrants. Fortunately, enough clues survived to lead to several old recipes in books. A beer first brewed as a collaboration between Market Garden Brewery and Victory Brewing Co. in 2013 brings together aspects of two historical recipes, using brown sugar, coriander, grains of paradise, and chilies. The result is a clean, malt-forward ale with some spicy, peppery notes.