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A Look at Lambic Brewing

John Palmer. Technical Quarterly Editor-in-Chief.

Lambic is a type of spontaneously fermented beer that originated (or perhaps survived) in the Lembeek area of Belgium over the past thousand years or so. The early beers of the region were made with malted barley, wheat, and local herbs and spontaneously fermented. In time, these beers grew into several local styles, including keut, wit, jaune, and brune. Several hundred years later, fruits such as cherries and raspberries were added to the beers, and many of the beers were exported worldwide. Throughout this time, the brewing method has been largely the same, consisting of a turbid (starchy) wort, overnight inoculation, and a long maturation and blending process to produce the final beer. Today’s lambic beers are prized for their complexity of character.