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How Digital Communications and Cloud Technologies Are Enabling the Industrial Brewing World

Holger Schmidt. Endress+Hauser, Reinach, Switzerland.

Having a small brewery, selling beer in your own pub or in a store around the corner, makes things easy to a certain point. There is a direct line of supply and feedback. A beer drinker comes, orders a beer that is listed on the board, pays for it, and hopefully loves it. The key here is that the feedback on the quality is immediate and the supply chain is easy to manage. For companies faced with the challenges of selling beer through distributors the situation is quite different. On one side the support of daily operations is continually expanding, and on the other side there is a step back from craftsmanship and direct personal feedback. This is the real world that will embrace us sooner or later, a world of the future. This article offers a glimpse into this world and showcases future realities.