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Connecting the Brewhouse with the Office—MES Solution

Jay Johnson. Krones, Charlotte, NC, U.S.A.

In the craft brewing market, many breweries today are facing increased challenges to their operations. Challenges in the ever-growing competitive landscape are forcing brewers to find competitive edges to maintain and grow market share. Regulatory requirements from federal agencies that have been found in the food market for many years are creating additional traceability requirements for the brewer. Profit margins are shrinking as the competitive landscape grows and raw material costs rise. Competitive brands are attaining additional market share and larger, multinational organizations are acquiring companies to increase their market awareness. What probably started as a garage 5 gallon brew system for many breweries has now gone to a production facility of thousands to hundreds of thousands of gallons, in some cases in a very short time. The exceptional growth you may have seen is now becoming smaller each year, and profit margins are tighter.