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Management of Surplus Yeast in Modern Breweries

Alexander Gertsman. Flottweg Separation Technology, Independence, KY, U.S.A.

Management of surplus yeast is one of the most challenging and important tasks in medium to large breweries. While some breweries are working on simple concentration of the spent yeast stream to meet the demand of facilities that buy it, others are also recovering beer that can be put back into the process. Buyers of brewers’ surplus yeast are food producers (for example, soup preparation and makers of vegemite), animal nutrition producers, and farmers. Typical target concentration of the product is 20% (w/w), because this is the maximum value for which it remains in the liquid form. If the spent yeast is relatively fresh, beer recovered from it by mechanical separation is typically transferred to the green beer process. Special measures of precaution must be taken to enable successful beer recovery, such as minimizing dissolved oxygen pickup, storage and sanitation. This article discusses the innovative technique of managing surplus yeast and beer recovery with the Sedicanter—a high-performance centrifuge. Its advantages over all existing technologies are high yield, lower maintenance and operating costs, easy cleaning, low energy consumption, and minimal oxygen pick-up.