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Clear Solutions' CIP Products Application in the Beer Industry

Lance Renfrow and Sofia Herrera. Clear Solutions USA, Gilbert, AZ, U.S.A.

Currently in the brewing industry, clean-in-place (CIP) cleaners are vital to preserve the quality of the beer produced. The addition of an additive package greatly increases the effectiveness of NaOH in the CIP process. In order to have an efficient additive package, water hardness, maximum temperature of cleaning cycle, and percentage of NaOH in the final solution must be considered. Once properly formulated, the CIP cleaning process can utilize less product and shorter cleaning times. These well-developed CIP products can lead to more efficient use of water because the cleaning cycles are shorter as a result of easier rinsing. The use of these products also prevents the build-up of scale, which ultimately leads to a more efficient brewery and better-tasting beer. The cleanliness of any brewery can then be verified using ATP meters to ensure that great-tasting beer is being brewed.