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MBAA TQ http://dx.doi.org/10.1094/TQ-53-4-1012-01  |  VIEW ARTICLE
Use of Microscopic Pressurized Shockwaves Generated by Controlled Cavitation as a Nonshear Method of Increased Extraction of Hop α-Acids and Conversion into IBU and Extraction of Hop Oils

Santiago Gomez. Apotek Solutions, Plymouth, MI, U.S.A.

Cavitation is the sudden formation of low-pressure vapor cavities by means of mechanical forces; uncontrolled cavitation can lead to damage of adjacent components or surfaces such valves and pump impellers. Cavitation reactors use a specialized drum/rotor that spins at high rates of speed to generate cavitation within the drum cavities, away from metal surfaces, and projecting the energy in the form of shockwaves to the surrounding liquid. In late 2012, I started a series of trials to determine whether controlled cavitation could be a viable option to increase the recovery and conversion of α-acids into their iso form in beer.