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Effective Treatment of Brewery Wastewater

Jason Fox. ClearCove, Victor, NY, U.S.A.

These are exciting times for both brewers and lovers of beer. Breweries are proliferating at breakneck speed alongside an increasingly thirsty consumer who is spoilt for choice. With more than four thousand breweries across the United States, and new ventures popping up in Whac-a-Mole fashion, itís fair to say the Beer Revolution is in full throttle. Inevitably, however, a steep trajectory of growth comes with its challenges. Breweries are currently being hit hard in the pockets, owing to rising municipal sewer surcharges that are incurred due to the channeling of industrial wastewater into public sewer systems. This article addresses the advantages and disadvantages of various brewery wastewater treatment options, including a new patented technology that eliminates the need for problematic biology.