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More to It Than Beer: The Pedagogy of Fermentation Sciences

Cameron D. Lippard and Seth Cohen. Appalachian State University, Boone, NC, U.S.A.

With the increase in microbrewing, several community colleges and universities across the United States have created brewing or fermentation science programs to meet the demand for well-educated employees. While the education of brewers in the United States has often involved an apprenticeship approach or certificate training, 31 secondary education programs now exist across the country, representing a range of options from brewing-specific trade programs to more comprehensive and science-based programs in food science and technology and fermentation sciences. Using a case study approach, we examine the various programs designed to provide students with some level of education and training relevant to careers in the brewing industry across the United States. We particularly survey the program learning objectives and the pedagogical tactics in matching student career goals to growing market needs. We also discuss the readiness of these programs, considering faculty training and whether it matches program outcomes. Finally, we provide a case in point by examining “brewmaster” education levels in North Carolina across 50 newly established microbreweries.