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Wachusett Brewing Company, Inc.: Evolution of Quality Assurance in a Fiscally Challenged Brewery

Ned LaFortune. Wachusett Brewing Company, Inc., Westminster, MA, U.S.A.

The Wachusett Brewing Company has been on a 21-year journey, with quality held paramount along the way. In the early days the self-reliant founders could not afford employees, let alone high-level consultants to help with development of sound quality assurance (QA) practices. Concepts learned by the founders at Worcester Polytechnic Institute relative to quality in fermentation led to good sanitation practices that empirically yielded good beer, which led to a time that better equipment and resources could be afforded. The company was fortunate through dedication to quality to finally get to the place where it could afford to hire the best consultants in the brewing world they could find. The company’s self-reliant days were over, and QA made leaps and bounds forward. With the introduction of Nauti Seltzer in 2016, Wachusett relies more heavily on its 21 years of experience in commitment to quality than ever. Nauti Seltzer is unique in how it is produced and stabilized, with methodologies unique to Wachusett Brewery. The Wachusett Brewery team will rely on the QA commitment and foundation of QA principles to confidently present Nauti Seltzer to the national market.