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Humulinone Formation in Hops and Hop Pellets and Its Implications for Dry Hopped Beers

John Paul Maye, Robert Smith, and Jeremy Leker. S.S. Steiner, Inc., New York, NY, U.S.A.

Humulinones are a natural hop bitter acid that can be found in leaf hops, and their concentration can increase over several days following hop pelleting. Hops and hop pellets with a high hop storage index (HSI) have higher concentrations of humulinones than hops and hop pellets with a lower HSI. High concentrations of humulinones have recently been found in beers that have been dry hopped, in some cases as high as 24 ppm. Dry hopping experiments show humulinones readily dissolve in beer and can impact the bitterness profile of dry hopped beers. Additionally, dry hopping can cause a significant loss in iso-α-acid concentration, especially in beers containing high concentrations of iso-α-acids.

Keywords: Humulinone, Dry hopping