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Fermentation and Flavor: A Perspective on Sources and Influence

Mark Sammartino. MBAA Technical Director.

This article will review the molecules created, changed, or affected by the performance of yeast that lead to the complex flavors in beer. It will look at the process parameters and control points that brewers can potentially use to influence the behavior of processes and possibly their yeast to “adjust” the various outcomes of fermentation. In the construction of this topic, the approach taken is basic. The complexity of the metabolic pathways means that key pathways are diluted within a maze of coenzymes, enzymes, energy production and usage, and reduction and oxidation of various cofactors and intermediates. The material presented attempts to remove the background chemical reactions that cause the key flavor changes. This allows for a review of the resultant flavor changes in a manner that is less conflicted and hopefully more clear regarding what the yeast cell is doing within the processes of fermentation. The final review adds an understanding of possible control steps that can be used to shift processes and affect the end flavor of beers.