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2015 MBAA Brewery Award of Excellence in Sustainability Winners

Dan Burick. Brewery Excellence Recognition Award Committee Chair.

At the 2013 Austin MBAA Convention the Brewery Award of Excellence concept was born. The judging of entrants is accomplished blind by a group of qualified brewery professionals against a set of criteria supporting the challenge category. The application scoring the highest with the judges is chosen as the winner. For the 2015 awards, the Phillips Brewing Company of Victoria, Canada, was selected as the winner for their CO2 reclamation system project. Their full project submission is published here. Summaries of the first and second runners-up are also included. The first runner-up selected was Widmer Brothers Brewing out of Portland, Oregon, for their HVAC optimization project, and the second runner-up was Red Hook Brewing Company from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, for their green energy powered electric vehicle (EV) charging station.