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MBAA TQ http://dx.doi.org/10.1094/TQ-52-4-0927-01  |  VIEW ARTICLE
Comparison of Cocurrent and Counter-Current Flow Processes in Terms of DMS Evaporation from Beer

Hans Scheuren (1) and Michael Dillenburger (2). 1. Ingenieurbüro Dr. Scheuren, Bad Kreuznach, Germany. 2. Dillenburger und Hertel GmbH, Freising, Germany.

The subject of the current article is the introduction of equations for precalculation of continuous cocurrent and counter-current flow processes in terms of the evaporation of aroma compounds and ethanol from beer during dealcoholization. Calculations are performed for each process and their particular ethanol evaporation. Finally, they are compared with each other. The comparison’s result supports practical experiences saying that dealcoholization always goes together with considerable losses of valuable aroma compounds. In particular, the introduced calculations show that a two-stage rectification reduces ethanol to a greater extent than do comparable processes with cocurrent flow or discontinuous boiling.