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Volume 37, Number 4, 2000, Pages 435-436

Minimizing Oxygen Content in Bright Beer Tanks By Use of Acid Cleaning

By Joe Dirksen and J. Duca Ecolab Inc., St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Poster presented at the World Brewing Congress 2000, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Oxygen content in the atmosphere of bright beer tanks is related to the type of cleaning program used for tank cleaning. Use of an acid cleaning and sanitizing program for bright beer tanks reduces the level of atmospheric oxygen compared to caustic cleaning
Keywords: acid cleaning, dissolved oxygen, tank cleaning bright beer tanks


El contenido de oxígeno en la atmósfera de tanques cerveceros brillantes esta relacionado con el tipo de programa de limpieza usado en la limpieza del tanque. El uso de un limpiador ácido y un progra-ma sanitario para tanques cerveceros brillantes reduce el nivel de oxígeno atmosférico comparado con un limpiador cáustico.