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Volume 37, Number 1, 2000, Pages 47-52

A New Particle Counting System for the Measurement of Filtrates and Quality Control

By Wolfgang Baur and D. Oechsle Schenk Filter Systems, Waldstetten, Germany This poster was originally presented at the MBAA 112th Anniversary Convention, Keystone, Colorado, 1999.

Particle counting represents an efficient counting method for the characterization, control and adjustment especially of separation processes. Particle counting completes the haze measurement in spe- cial fields of application and allows development of complete new applications. An important innovation is the on-line counting at installations where this was not previously possible. A counting value is prepared by the particle counting system that shows the absolute particle quantity and the distribution of the particle sizes. With this counting value, the cut point and the filtration efficiency can be deter- mined. By means of these values, informative measurements for the production control and the description of separation processes can be performed. As to the filtration of beer, particle counting can be used, for example, as an on-line control of kieselguhr or sheet filters.
Keywords: Particle Counting, Haze Measurement, Filtration Control, Particle Measurement


El conteo de particulas representa un metodo de conteo eficiente para la caracterizacion, control y ajuste especialmente en los proce- SOS de separacion. El conteo de particulas completa la medida de niebla en campos especiales de aplicacion y permite el desarrollo de aplicaciones completamente nuevas. Una importante innovation es el conteo en linea en instalaciones donde esto no era posible anteri- ormente. Un valor de conteo es preparado por el sistema de conteo de particulas que muestra la cantidad de particulas absoluta y la dis- tribucion del tamano de las partfculas. Con este valor de conteo el punto de torte y la eficiencia de filtration pueden ser determinadas por medio de estos valores. Medidas inforrnativas para el control de produccion y la descripcidn del proceso de separacion se pueden realizar. En lo que respecta a la filtration de la cerveza, el conteo de particulas se puede usar, por ejemplo, coma un control en la linea de los filtros de lamina o kieselgur.