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Volume 37, Number 1, 2000, Pages 105-107

Advanced Technology for "In-line" Kegging Machinery

By Andrew J. Brewer and A. Carter Briggs of Burton, inc., Rochester, New York, Burnett & Rolfe, Rochester, Kent, England. 1999 EBC Poster.

The various advances in technology available with modern "in-line" keg washing, sterilizing and filling machines will be described. Developments in the following areas will be specifically detailed: (a) Internal washing of kegs Pulsed washes; Spear washes; Reverse basket washing; Chemicals used for washing (b) Keg Filling Modulating back pressure filling (c) General developments Method of transfer detail Advances in recent years of modern "in-line" machines will be sum- marized and the advantages of "in-line" compared to "Carousel" sys- tems will be outlined.
Keywords: In-Line Kegging, Single Valve Kegs


Se describiran los varios avarices de tecnologia disponibles con el moderno lavado de barriles, esterilizado y maquinas de Ilendado "en linea". Los desarrollos en las siguientes areas seran especificamente discutidos en detalle: (a) El lavado interno de barriles Lavados pulsatiles; lavados de lanza; lavados de canasta en reversa; productos quimicos usados para el lavado (b) Llenado de barriles modulando la presion retroactiva de llenado (c) Desarroilos generales Metodo de transferencia de detalle Los avarices en los anos recientes de mode s maquinas "en linea'" seran resumidos y las ventajas de sistemas "en linea" comparado con los tipos "carrusel" seran delineadas,