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Volume 36, Number 3, 1999, Pages 335-338

Application of In-Pipe Yeast Counting Analyzer in Medium to Small Breweries

Curtis Holmes H.A. Teass Jr. Paper presented at the MBAA 38th Annual Convention, District Caribbean, May 1999.

To obtain accurate pitching levels, the following requirements which typically have not been met apply. Automatic pitching increases the perfomance of the brewery, simplifies the laboratory's requirements and increases the efficiency of the pitch. The new pitching system at Alaskan brewing Company was found to meet these requirements. Through careful design, the variability and the concentration of pitched yeast was improved by a factor of better than 10: 1. This resulted in improved diacetyl concentration levels.
Keywords: Yeast pitching, particle counting


Para obtener unos niveles de tirado de levadura precisos, se aplican los siguientes requisitos que típicamente no han sido satisfechos. El tirado automático aumenta el rendimiento de la cervecería, simplifica los requisitos del laboratorio y aumenta la eficacia del tirado. Se encontró que el nuevo sistema de tirado de la Alaskan brewing Company si satisface estos requisitos. Mediante un diseño cuidadoso, la variabilidad y la concentración de la levadura tirada se mejoro por un factor mejor de 10:1. Esto resultó en mejores niveles de concentración de diacetilos.