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Volume 36, Number 2, 1999, Pages 167-170

Bringing Beer to a Faster Finish

Wolfgang Hanneman. Poster presented at the MBAA 111th Anniversary Convention, Minneapolis, Minnesota, September, 1998.

The slow process of diacetyl removal by yeast is the rate-limiting, step in beer maturation. Several technologies have been developed to speed up this stage of beer production. The enzyme --acetolactate decarboxylase converts the precursor of diacetyl, alpha-acetolactate, into acetoin without formation of diacetyl. Practical experiences with Maturex'", a commercially available preparation of acetolactate decarboxylase, are presented. The optimal enzyme dosage depends on wort composition, yeast strain and desired effect. It is demonstrated that maturation is accelerated and the need for cold beer lagering eliminated or reduced to a minimum. Thus, tank capacity for beer maturation increases without major financial investments.
Keywords: acetolactate decarboxylase, VDK, diacetyl, 2,3 pentanedione, maturation


EI lento proceso de remocion de diacetil por la levadura es el paso limitante de velocidad en el proceso de maduracion. Se han desarrollado varias tecnologias para esta etapa de la produccion de cerveza. La encima acetolactate decarboxylase convierte al precursor de diacetil, acetolactate, en acetoina sin la formacio de diacetil, Experiencias practicas con Maturex?, una preparacion comercialmente adquirible de -acetolactate decarboxylase, son presentadas. La dosificacion optima de la encima depende de la composicion del mosto, cepa de levadura y efecto deseado. Se demuestra que la maduracion es acelerada y la necesidad para reposo frio de la cerveza es climinada o reducida a un minimo. Por lo tanto se incrementa la capacidad de tanques para maduracion de la cerveza sin grandes inversiones financieras.