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Volume 36, Number 1, 1999, Pages 129-138

Brewing! Have Things Changed So Much?

By Jack McCabe, Technical Director M.B.A.A.

As we look through the archives, we come across many interesting papers relating to the problems of'yesteryear and many of them are still with us today. Taste, color, clarity and.foam are all things the consumer looks at today. Overforty years ago the late Don Ruff presented a paper at the M.B.A.A. Convention in Chicago which gives all of us a bit offoodfor thought. It is a word qf caution to the younger brewer and a brain "tickler" for those of us who have been aroundfor awhile. I thought you might like to read about what Don was thinking about overforty years ago. Reprintedfrom the Archives SOME THEORETICAL ASPECTS OF BEER STORAGE AND THEIR PRACTICAL APPLICATION