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Volume 36, Number 1, 1999, Pages 85-91

New Advancements in Cleaning Technology

L.L. Renfrew. Presented at the MBAA 111th Anniversary Convention, Minneapolis, Minnesota, September, 1998.

This paper will review how liquid caustic soda interacts with various chelators, scale inhibitors, dispersants and surfactants. The paper will explain why the various additive packages work and takes into account the new breakthrough with the anti-protein surfactant. This new technology eliminates protein build-up (beerstone).
Keywords: cleaning, sanitizing, beerstone, brewery, CIP


Revision de como la Soda Caustica Liquida interactua con various inhididores de incrustaciones, dispersantes y surfactantes. Esta presentacion explicara porque los varios paquetes de aditivos trabajan y toma en consideracion los nuevos hallazgos con el surfactante anti-proteinico. Esta nueva tecnologia elimina la acumulacion de proteina (beerstone).