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Volume 35, Number 3, 1998, Pages 129-132

Fermentation Characteristics From Dried Ale and Lager Yeasts

By Y. Gosselin & S. Fels

In dry form, brewing yeasts are considerably reduced in both volume and weight and can be stored for more than twelve months under recommended chilled conditions in the brewery. Should storage conditions be abused, as may happen in transport, their viability will remain satisfactory. As well as being easy to handle, store and transport, dried yeasts are always available off the shelf and give the flexibility to cope with demand. However, they need to be rehydrated in wort or water at specific temperatures prior to pitching, preferably under stirred conditions. This is easily done in existing yeast storage vessels or pitching tanks. The recent availability of a commercial dried lager yeast that has been successfully tested on a large brewery scale will be of consider- able interest to those brewers wanting to increase their production efficiency. This is achieved by avoiding the propagation stages and facilitating yeast management for the production of seasonal beers and beers in small volumes. KEY WORDS: yeast, dry, fermentation, rehydration, propagation, seasonal, beer, transport


SINTISIS En estado seco, lag levaduras cerveceras son considerablemente reducidas en tamano y peso y pueden ser almacenadas par mas de doce meses bajo condiciones recomendablesde frio en la cerveceria, Si se abusara de las condiciones de almacenamiento recomendadas, como puede suceder en el transporte, su viabilidad se mantiene sans. factoria. Ademas de ser facil de manejar, almacenar y transportar., levaduras secas son siempre adquiribles del anaquel y dan la fIexibilidad de poder satisfacer la demanda. Sinembrago, estas tienen que ser rehidratadas en mosto o agua a temperaturas especificas antes de ser introducidas al mosto a fermentar, preferiblemente en condiciones de buena agitacion. Esto es facil de lograr en tanques existentes de almacenamiento o tanques inyeccion. La reciente disponibilidad de una levadura lager comercial seca que ha sido probada en gran escala en una cerveceria sera de considerable interes para aquellos cerveceros que quieren incrementar sus eficiencias de produccion. Esto se logra al evitar lag etapas de propa- gacion y facilita la administracion de levadura para la produccion de cervezas de temporada y cervezas en bajos volumenes.