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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1997, 34(4), 229-234.

Development of non-alcoholic beverages from some tropical crops.

Ilori, M.O. and Irefin, I.A.

Non-alcoholic beverages were developed from sorghum malt and breadfruit, plantain, potato or sweet cassava using the endogenous enzymes of the malt and a little quantity of external enzyme for saccharification. The yields of the malt drink samples were significantly (PO < 0.05) lower than that of the commercial malt drink used as control. However, the original gravities of the breadfruit, cassava and plantain-based samples were higher than those of other samples. Similarly, sensory evaluation indicated no significant difference between the potato- and plantain-based samples in term of flavor. However, the raw flavors of the breadfruit and cassava were slightly noticeable in their products. The foam formation and stability in the plantain-base beverage sample were better than that of the reference sample while those of the other samples were very poor. However, incorporating 5-10% plantain improved this quality in the other samples. All the samples were adjusted to be acceptable in terms of the overall quality.
Keywords : beverage production properties