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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1997, 34(4), 274-275.

Brewing process ingredient technology - a traditional and future perspective.

Messersmith, M., Evans, D.J., Schmedding, D.J.M. and Groesbeek, N.M.

A poster presentation on the functions and applications of raw materials and processing aids in brewing, with the emphasis on recent innovations and the prospects for future development, is summarized. Topics illustrated include colourings, flavourings, foam stabilizing agents, etc., prepared from extracts of hops, malt and brewers' yeast (which can simply be declared as "hop extract", "malt extract" or "yeast extract", as the case may be, in countries where ingredient labelling is required by law), the possible influence of microorganisms living in or on barley on the malting process and malt quality, and the possible risks and benefits of using genetically modified yeast.
Keywords : brewing prospect raw material survey