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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1997k, 34(2), 127-132.

Applications of an electronic nose in the brewing industry.

Weber, K. and Poling, J.

The principles of operation of so called "electronic noses", which use multiple sensor arrays linked to complex data processing systems to characterize aromas in a manner intended to simulate the human sense of smell, are briefly explained. A system of this type, the Alpha MOS "Fox 3000", which uses sensors of different types (metal oxide based and conducting polymer based) to make it more sensitive to a wider range of volatile substances, is described together with its operating procedures, the methods of statistical analysis used to interpret the sensor data and examples of its applications in the brewing industry. These include the detection of off odours in cereal adjuncts, barley, malt and beer, the identification of hop varieties and the detection of taints in empty beer containers.
Keywords : analysis aroma beer raw material sensor