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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1997, 34(1), 293-298.

The recovery and disposal of diatomaceous earth in breweries.

Hrycyk, G.

A process for handling used kieselguhr from beer filters is described. When the filters and their kieselguhr supply tanks are cleaned, the resulting kieselguhr slurry is piped to a holding tank with a stirrer and from there to a liquid/solid separation device (in the actual case described, a horizontal belt pressure filter was used, but various other types of equipment can also be used) where it is dewatered to a dry matter content of 45 to 50% by weight (while the liquid filtrate has a solids content less than 100 ppm) and deposited in a skip for subsequent disposal or recycling.
Keywords : drying kieselguhr waste