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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1996, 33(3), 173-177.

Advanced controls engineering. A path to brewing profitability.

Kay, J.T. and Thompson, A.

The use of "dynamic modelling technology" methods to produce a continuously updated mathematical model of a process using on-line measurements of the relevant values, particularly in cases where the process concerned is complex and subject to rapid fluctuation and where a small change in one value can have a large effect on another, is described together with the use of such a model as the basis for an automatic control system for the process concerned. The applications described relate to the control of wort boiling, where the primary aim was to maintain the height of the boiling wort above the original wort level in the filled copper at a constant value over the course of the boiling process, and the blending of hot and cold liquor to achieve the correct temperature for mashing in.
Keywords : automatic blending brewhouse brewing liquor mashing model simulation process control temperature wort boiling