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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1996, 33(2), 102-105.

Building a successful brewpub brewery or the seven secrets of brewpub success.

Fahrendorf, T.L.

The successful operation of a brewpub requires the integration of the brewing and public house sides of the business into one harmonious whole. In some states of the USA, brewpubs are required by law to provide a full restaurant quality food service as well as beer and snacks, so that this too must be an integral part of the whole operation. In the author's opinion, it is essential to provide consumers with a kind of uniquely memorable and enjoyable experience which non brewing bars and restaurants cannot give. All staff members involved in serving the customers must be educated about beer and brewing so that they can answer questions put to them by members of the public. Appearances are also important; where possible, the brewing equipment should be clearly visible from the bar/restaurant area and its appearance and that of its surroundings (including the clothing, etc., of the brewery personnel when working during opening hours) should be designed to promote the image and atmosphere appropriate to the crafting of a high quality product. Customers should also be encouraged to learn about beer, since (in the author's opinion) the more they know the better they can appreciate the quality and distinctive character of the brewpub's beers. Information on beer and brewing in general and the brewpub's own beers in particular should therefore be included in menus, promotional leaflets, etc. The beers themselves must not only be of consistently high quality, but should also be clearly unique (e.g. beer styles not otherwise available in the locality). Many brewpub restaurants also specialize in foods containing beer or brewing by-products (for instance, the author's brewpub uses spent grains as an ingredient in bread and pizza bases), which are unlikely to be available in ordinary restaurants and thus enhance the uniqueness of the customer's experience.
Keywords : brewery management microbrewing public house