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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1996, 33(2), 115-119.

American brewing operations past and future.

Goob, G.L.

This item in the series of old papers reprinted under the heading "Brewing! Have things changed so much?" was originally presented at a technical meeting of the Master Brewers' Association of America (now Master Brewers' Association of the Americas) (MBAA) District New York. (The exact date of its original appearance is not given, but is stated to be before 1946; references in the text indicate a date during or immediately after the Second World War, probably 1944 or 1945). Trends in brewing materials and equipment used in the USA from the late 19th century onwards are reviewed and what were then the future prospects in these areas are discussed. Topics covered include malt, hops, adjuncts, mills, cereal cookers, traditional mash tuns, mash conversion vessels used with lauter tuns, mash filters, wort coppers, hop backs and separating devices for removing spent hops from boiled wort, wort coolers (including the plate heat exchanger, which had only recently appeared when this paper was first written), the then new practice of filtering the cooled wort and the handling and storage of brewing materials.
Keywords : brewing equipment history raw material survey