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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1995, 32(3), 152-158.

The quality assurance role in packaging.

Lane, G.W. and Kavanagh, T.E.

The quality assurance system for packaging materials supplied to Carlton and United Breweries (part of the Fosters Brewing Group) is described. Materials are now obtained from a single supplier for each product, under the terms of a contract in which mutually agreed quality standards are defined and which lays down procedures for the periodic auditing of suppliers' quality assurance systems by the customer. Problems involving packaging materials are jointly investigated by the brewery and product supplier concerned, and solutions (which may involve changes in packaging equipment or methods as well as, or instead of, changes in the packaging materials or their production and handling) must be agreed by both sides. The internal quality auditing system used in Carlton's packaging plants and the role of the quality assurance department in the development and testing of new packaging materials, methods and equipment are also described.
Keywords : management packaging quality