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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1995, 32(3), 147-151.

Traditional production of wheat beer - from the small brewery to the market leader.

Nitschke, R.

Erdinger Weissbraeu, a Bavarian brewery specializing in wheat beer, is the market leader in its particular beer style and also the fastest growing brewery in [In German]many, having increased production by no less than 2100% between 1966 and 1991 as wheat beer rose from being an unimportant Bavarian speciality to become the third most popular beer style in [In German]many (after Pilsner and standard lager). The brewery's history, the development of the wheat beer market, the raw materials used by the brewery (with particular reference to the contract production system for wheat, barley and hops, which are grown under strictly controlled conditions in the interests of quality, safety and environmental protection), the production facilities and methods (with particular reference to bottle conditioning), and the brewery's quality management and environmental policies are described.
Keywords : beer brand brewery equipment history market production raw material Weizenbier