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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1994, 31(4), 124-128.

Practical considerations for brewery sanitation.

Kretsch, J.

The materials and methods currently used for cleaning and disinfection in breweries are discussed. A list of the principal products used, subdivided into four categories (alkaline detergents, acidic detergents, special purpose additives and disinfectants) and giving brief descriptions of their properties, is presented in tabular form. Recommendations for both CIP and manual cleaning in the brewhouse, fermentation, beer treatment and packaging areas, as well as for the removal of beer stone from tanks, are also presented and the "germicidal equivalents" relationship between the temperature and concentration of a caustic solution, the duration of exposure of a bottle to the solution, and the effectiveness with which microorganisms are eliminated during bottle washing is discussed.
Keywords : cleaning detergent disinfectant disinfection survey