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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1994, 31(4), 134-137.

Rational design of a cleaning procedure for microfiltration membranes.

Lenoel, M., Blampain, P. and Taylour, J.

The physical laws governing the fouling of membrane filters under different conditions are briefly explained. Experiments are described in which the factors influencing the fouling of ceramic membranes used in cross flow beer microfiltration systems were investigated with a view to the development of a more efficient cleaning method. However, although the method developed (acid treatment which alters the chemical characteristics of particles within the pores to facilitate their removal during the subsequent caustic wash, which in turn is followed by treatment with an oxidant to remove caustic residues while also disinfecting the equipment) was found to be quite effective in restoring the original flux rate, the rate of decline in the flux rate during filtration is such that, given the cost of cleaning, an economically viable average flux rate cannot be maintained.
Keywords : cleaning costs cross flow efficiency filter membrane