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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1994, 31(2), 51-53.

Build a small, affordable bottling line.

Visel, J.

Advice on how to obtain good quality beer bottling equipment at a cost which small brewing companies can afford is presented. The refurbishment of large breweries often makes equipment available which is in reasonably good condition, but has been discarded by the original owner because it is not quite so fast as the latest model, or for some other reason of that kind, and may cost as little as one tenth of its original price, so that even if some repairs or modifications are required it is far cheaper than equivalent new machinery. Food and beverage production plants often keep stores of surplus equipment, so that visits to beverage bottling installations may reveal some bargains. Bottle fillers are the most difficult items to find, and the author recommends placing a "wanted" advertisement in a trade journal. It is essential, however, that each item is examined by a technician experienced in beer packaging equipment before the purchase is confirmed (especially in the case of machines not originally used in breweries; some equipment used in bottling wine, soft drinks, etc., can be adapted for brewery use, but this is not always the case). The possibility of buying one or two key items new and making up the rest of the line with used equipment is also considered.
Keywords : bottling line costs equipment microbrewing purchasing selection