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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1994, 31(2), 58-63.

Cross-flow micro filtration for processing brewery tank bottoms.

Leeder, G. and Girr, M.

The concept of cross flow microfiltration (CMF) is explained and the fluid mechanics of the process, the problems of scaling up from a laboratory system or pilot plant to a full scale industrial application, the key factors governing membrane properties (materials, geometry, etc.) and the use of these factors in selecting membranes for beer recovery from tank bottoms are discussed. It is shown that the attainment of optimal economic performance depends on the correct interrelation of process parameters. Examples of operational data from pilot and industrial scale plants are presented, showing the potential of the system. However, it is pointed out that because of the large number of factors which can influence the economic viability of the system, and the complexity of their interactions, careful evaluation (preferably with pilot scale testing) is necessary to ensure success in any given installation.
Keywords : beer cross flow equipment filtration membrane recovery