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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1994, 31(1), 13-18. English, sp

Brine dehumidification system treatment.

Sotoudeh, K., Meier, D.A. and Brundage, E.R.

The testing of potential corrosion inhibitors by the Nalco Chemical Company for use in dehumidification systems cooled with lithium chloride brine (which is an effective coolant but so highly corrosive as to cause major maintenance problems) is described. Following the failure, in one respect or another, of a range of well known corrosion inhibitors (including phosphonates, nitrite and molybdate), a metal free multicomponent corrosion inhibitor of unspecified composition was developed and successfully tested. It is claimed that the new product successfully protects both steel and copper against corrosion by lithium chloride over a wide range of concentrations and pH values.
Keywords : comparative test corrosion inhibitor