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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1994, 31(4), 129-133.

Hops and hop products for the 1990's.

Hysert, D.W.

Recent developments relating to the production and processing of hops and their use in brewing are reviewed together with current trends and the likely future prospects for the industry. Topics covered include recent research findings relating to the contribution of hops to beer flavour, current developments in hop products (carbon dioxide extracts, isomerized extracts and pellets, chemically modified isomerized extracts such as tetrahydro iso alpha acids, and hop oil products) and the prospects for future improvements, the environmental and legal problems relating to pesticides used by hop growers and their effects on hop production, processing and trading, the activities of the US Hop Research Council and the environmental problems relating to hop packaging (particularly for pellets, which are currently packed in a laminate of plastic and metal foil, which cannot be reused or recycled but is a far more effective barrier against light and oxygen than any of the more environmentally acceptable materials available).
Keywords : aroma beer economics environmental protection flavour hop extract hop oil hop pellet hops isomerised hop extract legislation packaging pesticide production prospect research development survey