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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1993, 30(4), 155-158. English, sp

A new factor which affects the foam adhesion of beer.

Furukubo, S., Shobayashi, M., Fukui, N., Isoe, A. and Nakatani, K.

Investigations into factors influencing foam cling (the adhesion of foam to the sides of the glass after some of the beer has been consumed) are described, in which it was found that the amino acid composition of the beer played an important role, whereby increasing levels of basic amino acids (e.g. lysine, arginine, histidine) diminished foam cling. It is considered likely that the known effects on foam cling of factors such as the malt/adjunct ratio, mash and wort pH, and wort aeration may be produced through the influence of these parameters on the basic amino acid content of the beer.
Keywords : amino acid beer cling composition foam quality