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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1993, 30(4), 146-154. English, sp

Production and composition of hop products.

Hughes, P.S. and Simpson, W.J.

The methods of production, beer flavour constituents (bitter substances and/or essential oils) content and brewing properties of conventional (type 90) hop powders/pellets, enriched (type 45) hop powders/pellets, speciality powders and pellets (made by mixing hop powder with other substances intended to improve stability and/or brewing quality, sometimes using processes which partially or completely isomerize the alpha acid content), hop extracts (particularly those produced using liquid or supercritical carbon dioxide), isomerized hop extracts and speciality hop products (including a powdered mixture of hop extract and silicic acid as well as the base extract remaining after separation of alpha acid) are discussed together with the economic aspects of hop and hop product usage in the brewery, the removal of chemical contaminants (e.g. nitrates, pesticide residues) from hops during processing into hop products and the production and use of hop oil preparations.
Keywords : composition hop extract hop oil hop pellet hop powder hops isomerised hop extract production properties survey