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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1992, 29(2), 37-41. English, sp

Effect of storage conditions on the filterability of beer.

Lim, Y.-H., Pecar, M., Sudarmana, D., Pell, R., Freeman, M. and Hawthorne, D.

The effects of different preliminary clarification treatments (centrifugation, batch fining and continuous addition of finings) on the changes in yeast cell concentration, haze, particle size distribution and filterability in beer samples taken at various depths from a storage tank over several days are discussed. Whereas the continuous addition of finings to centrifuged beer during its transfer to the storage tank allowed it to be filtered after 1 day, batch fining took 3 days of storage to produce a filterable beer, with the average particle size falling from 12 to 5 microns over that period, while unfined beer, even if centrifuged, still had an average particle size of 11 microns after 7 days, and was consequently hard to filter.
Keywords : beer centrifugation filterability finings storage