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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1992, 29(2), 48-52. English, sp

Asahi's new high-tech and energy efficient "Ibaraki" brewery.

Asahi, K. and Kinoshita, M.

The newest of Asahi's eight breweries, opened in 1991, is operated by means of a computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) system responsible for production planning/management, process and quality control, and distribution. Features include a brewhouse producing 10 x 1200 hl brews per day at the time of writing, with provision for expansion to 24 brews/day, and incorporating an advanced energy efficient wort boiling system; 88 x 5000 hl stainless steel cylindro conical fermenting/maturing tanks; 3 x 600 hl/hour sterile filtration lines; 6 filling lines (1 x 72000 x 633 ml bottles/hour, 2 x 36000 x 633 ml bottles/hour, 2 x 81000 x 350 ml cans/hour and 1 x 480 x 19 litre kegs/hour) and an automated warehouse with computer controlled consignment assembly and a device which can load a vehicle with a consignment of 16 pallets in 90 seconds. In addition to energy efficient production equipment (e.g. in the brewhouse), energy costs are reduced by carrying out most daytime cooling operations using ice frozen at night by cheap "off peak" electricity. In the interest of good public relations, the brewery exterior was designed in harmony with the surrounding gardens, which are open to the public, and lavish visitor facilities (including brewery tours, a restaurant and bar, and even sports facilities) are provided.
Keywords : automatic brewery computer control equipment