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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1992, 29(1), 31-32. English

The MBAA Environmental Seminar: Environmental problems facing Australia and New Zealand.

Hahn, C.W.

As in many other countries, the environment has become a major public issue in Australia and New Zealand, leading to legislative and other official measures for its protection. For instance, New Zealand has now prohibited the discharge of untreated effluent into the sea, while in Australia the municipal authorities of Sydney have reduced the permitted upper limits for BOD and suspended solids from 600 to 200 ppm, and other cities are expected to follow suit, compelling breweries to install on-site effluent treatment and waste recycling facilities. Packaging waste, on the other hand, is less of a problem since recycling schemes have already been operating in both countries for some years. Over 60% of Australian local authorities operate bottle banks, achieving a national average glass recycling rate of over 43%. VisyBoard, the largest carton manufacturer in Australia, makes 85% of its products from 100% recycled paper, and plans to increase that proportion to 90%. Over 50% of aluminium cans are recycled.
Keywords : brewery effluent treatment packaging recovery recycling waste