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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1992, 29(1), 6-10. English, sp

Design and implementation of a programmable controller based on differential pressure sensors to control the runoff for a lauter tub.

Jurado, J. and Mohseni, S.

The development of an automatic wort flow control system for a lauter tun is described. In order to optimize the performance of the programmable controller, a mathematical model of the lautering process was developed. It was found that the critical parameter was the relationship between the flow rates of the incoming sparge liquor and the outgoing wort. The system uses the differential pressure across the grain bed, measured by sensors linked to a Motorola MC68HC11A8P microcontroller, to adjust the setting of the wort flow control valve via a Worcester Controls Series 75 actuator. If necessary, the system can be switched off, which opens the valve to its maximum and allows the wort flow to be regulated by a separate manually controlled valve. The possibility of incorporating a wort turbidity sensor in the control system is briefly discussed.
Keywords : automatic electronic control flow lautering measurement pressure sensor wort