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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1991, 28(3), 97-98. English, sp

Theory of operation and applications: coriolis mass flowmeters for the brewing industry.

Schietinger, M.S.

Coriolis flowmeters, which measure the mass and density of the fluid passing through the measurement zone (rather than the average velocity as in conventional flowmeters) have distinct advantages for a number of applications in the brewing industry. For instance, by measuring the density and electronically performing a simple calculation, the extract content of wort or beer can be automatically monitored. Likewise, the relationship between density and cell concentration in yeast slurry (which is often not very homogeneous and therefore difficult to measure accurately in terms of cell numbers) can be used to control the pitching rate with much greater accuracy than is otherwise possible. Because mass is a constant value, whereas the relationship between average fluid velocity and volumetric flow rate can be significantly affected by fluid properties such as density, viscosity, chemical composition and the size and concentration of suspended solid particles, as well as by the form of the pipe and the physical patterns of fluid motion, the Coriolis mass flowmeter is inherently more accurate and consistent than any of the volumetric instruments.
Keywords : brewing error flowmeter performance