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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1991, 28(3), 99-107. English, sp

Pasteurization: industrial practice and evaluation.

O'Connor-Cox, E.S.C., Yiu, P.M. and Ingledew, W.M.

The principles of operation, equipment used, problems commonly encountered and possible solutions to them are described for tunnel and flash pasteurization systems used for bottled and canned beers. Flame pasteurization, already being used in the canned food industry, is theoretically feasible for canned beer but so far has only been studied in experimental models. The problems caused by microbiological fouling in brewery tunnel pasteurizers (including indirect effects such as corrosion from chlorine based disinfectants used to combat the contamination), and by corrosion in flash pasteurizers are discussed in detail, together with methods of detecting, eliminating and preventing them. Methods for evaluating the efficiency of pasteurization are also described. On the basis of such evaluations, and of recent research into the heat resistance of beer spoilage microorganisms under varying conditions, the criteria for achieving effective sterility in canned and bottled beers are reviewed and compared with current industrial practice.
Keywords : brewery efficiency equipment pasteurisation survey