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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1991, 28(3), 119-122. English, sp

Simulation and optimization of aeration in beer fermentation.

Mitsui, S., Shimazu, T., Abe, I. and Kishi, S.

In order to establish criteria for determining the most suitable time and intensity of wort aeration for optimum yeast performance during fermentation, the dissolved oxygen content of wort was monitored during and after the aeration of the pitched wort so as to measure the total dissolved oxygen consumption (TDOC) of the yeast. A model for the simulation of dissolved oxygen concentration changes was also developed, based on the double film absorption theory, and used to calculate the oxygen content during the aeration of an actual brew. Using the ester formation and amino acid consumption rates as the principal parameters of fermentation performance, the authors were able to determine the correct timing of pitching, and timing and intensity of aeration, for optimum fermentation performance in any particular fermenting vessel under given conditions.
Keywords : aeration brewers' yeast consumption fermentation oxygen performance time wort