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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1991, 28(1), 8-11. English, sp

Microbrewery design and performance.

Carey, D.J.

Since the first microbreweries appeared in America in the 1970s, this sector of the industry has proliferated greatly. (At the time of writing there were 125 public house breweries and 78 microbreweries selling all their beer off the premises in the USA, plus 40 brewpubs and 31 off sales microbreweries in Canada). The equipment, materials and methods used in these breweries are reviewed in comparison with those used in similar establishments in Europe. Criteria for the selection of equipment are examined together with parameters of performance and economy such as brewhouse yield, energy efficiency and labour requirements. The author attributes most cases of business failure in microbrewing to poor management, and expresses the opinion that more training in brewing is also needed.
Keywords : costs equipment microbrewing performance