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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1990, 27(3), 78-82. English, sp

Third generation brewers adjunct and beyond.

Chantler, J.

The process of starch hydrolysis is outlined and the history of liquid adjuncts derived from hydrolysed starch and their use in brewing described. A new method for making such adjuncts is described, in which the starch is hydrolysed entirely by means of enzymes and the resulting product refined using an ion exchange process. These "third generation" adjuncts have the advantage that, since the hydrolytic process, unlike that used in older systems, does not require the use of acids or of high temperatures or pressures, the method uses less energy and simpler equipment, and is therefore cheaper. The prospect of "designer" syrups tailored to individual brewers' requirements by using different combinations of enzymes to control the exact proportions of different sugars in the finished product is discussed.
Keywords : adjunct composition enzyme hydrolysis