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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1990, 27(2), 39-41. English, sp

What is the state of brewing science in Japan?

Inoue, T.

The English designation "Brewing Society of Japan" is applied to two organisations; the first (Jozo-kyokai) was founded in 1906 and is an industrial organisation to promote the development and improvement of brewing technology. The second (Jozo-gakkai) is an offshoot of the first, founded in 1988 by academic members, and aims to promote research in the fermentation industries generally (including products such as vinegar and soy sauce as well as beer, sake, wines and spirits). A monthly journal is published (in Japanese, with titles, author names, abstracts, and table/figure captions in English) and an annual scientific meeting held, which follows on from those which were organised by the parent society from 1969 to 1987. The themes of these conferences are listed, and a complete list of the subjects of the 35 papers presented at the 1989 meeting is given. The bulk of the work described in these papers was in the areas of identifying and breeding new strains of microorganisms for industrial fermentation, and evaluating new raw materials. Also mentioned is the Society of Fermentation Technology of Japan, based at Osaka University, which customarily conducts one session of its annual meeting in English.
Keywords : brewing fermentation meeting research development