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Tech. Q. Master Brew. Assoc. Am., 1989, 26(3), 101-107. English, sp

Measures to reduce oxygen and trub figures in a lauter tun while increasing efficiency.

Lenz, B.

This paper deals with technological improvements in the design, construction and internal equipment of the lauter tun. These are: (1) bottom seat valves for the intake of mash, resulting in a looser filter bed, improved first wort run off time (by up to 15%), reduced turbidity and oxygen pickup and higher wort quality, (2) a low speed pumped run off/circulation system, (3) a rotary spray system for cleaning the false bottom, which is more efficient and uses less water than other methods, (4) a two speed raking machine with zigzag double shoe knives, allowing effective loosening of the filter bed while cutting cleanly enough to maintain the filter structure, thus leading to higher yields of better quality wort after a shorter lautering, and also allowing more efficient raking out of spent grains and (5) more efficient thermal insulation. Illustrations show technical drawings of the lauter tun, the raking machine and its knives and there are graphs showing improvements in various performance parameters resulting from the modification of an old lauter tun to conform to the latest specifications.
Keywords : design efficiency equipment lauter tun performance quality wort